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Join the #1 global online community & masterclass for people dealing with Trichotillomania.

About Us

GROW is a community and online course developed for people with trichotillomania. Try out the latest habit reversal techniques for hair pulling, including guided meditations, EFT (tapping), awareness practices, and so much more. Get support when you need it most from an incredible community of people, just like you, to cope with Trichotillomania and finally stop hair pulling. 

Why You Should Join Us

When you join GROW, you're committing to kicking trichotillomania's ass! All of us inside here reject the label of being a "trichster" and know there is so much more to our identity than our hair pulling. In fact, trichotillomania is the least interesting thing about each of us! Shake off any feelings of shame, guilt or embarrassment and join a community of badass women doing amazing things in life, in spite of trichotillomania.

When you join the community you get access to:

1. Your own proprietary GROW Tracking Sheet for radical self-awareness and improvement monitoring.

2. An online course with modules specifically for different stages of your journey. 

- Guided meditations incorporating hypnosis and subliminal messaging about hair

- Lessons on how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as "Tapping"to reduce or eliminate hair pulling

- Tough-love motivational audios designed to stop you from pulling when urges start

- Worksheets and exercises to build up your core beliefs and sense of self worth, eliminating shame around hair loss

- And more! 

3. A private online community of amazing women, just like you, committed to overcoming trichotillomania. 

Here you can ask questions, share stories, get tips, encourage and support other women on their journey (as well as receiving encouragement and support yourself). 

Your new lifelong friends might just be waiting for you inside!

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all the incredible people out there who are part of this community and who are out there doing kickass things in the world. We're committed to helping everyone out there overcome trichotillomania by opening up access to all the tools, techniques and emotional support they need on this journey.